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Immersive Perspectives: The Top Trends Transforming the Audio-Visual Landscape

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In 2024, the AV industry has come a long way from the traditional tech we often associate it to like projectors, multimedia and sound checks. These days AV is found almost everywhere from hospitals to showrooms. In this AV Insiders Report, we take a look at four areas where AV is playing a pivotal role.

Digital signage: One of the best things about digital signage is that it can be used both indoors and out. Of course, many of us can picture massive billboards in Times Square, but more and more business are using these types of signs for more than just adverts. Places like hospitals are now using digital signs to keep track of patient information, instead of dry erase boards and real estate firms are using digital maps to display properties. Once the initial cost of installing the signs has been made, it is easy to utilize them for a number of reasons for your business.

AV as a Service: AV-as-a-Service (AVaaS) allows companies to of any size to lease the hardware and software products they need to maintain a highly flexible workforce and pivot on a dime without the high overhead associated with purchasing an all-new hardware/software stack.  VaaS’ offers a payment model that helps keep costs down for businesses who want access to the latest AV solutions but don’t necessarily have the budget to purchase the expensive hardware and to hire specialists to set up and maintain the costly new tech.

AV in healthcare: Hospitals were forced to upgrade their practices to support remote collaboration during the pandemic lockdowns, and we’re now seeing those same institutions upgrading their AV equipment. Companies that offer sound-dampening technology such as acoustic absorbing materials and decorative baffles that can be placed in conference rooms or above desk ‘pods,’ allow multiple remote meetings to take place at once in the same space without interfering with one another. In a hospital setting, this also allows for privacy during those meetings or calls with patients. With more and more appointments becoming virtual, hospitals are also installing video screens so that doctors and nurses can meet virtually with patients but still be “face to face” with one another.

Virtual Reality Technology: Virtual Reality (VR) is not new by any means, but in 2024 we are going to start to see businesses utilize it more and more. Companies that specialize in areas like office design or home renovations are turning to VR so that they can essentially “walk their clients through” the design. VR allows businesses to show their clients exactly what the space will be and the layout/design of it. This allows clients to then get an actual feel for how the space will be when it is built. It allows for a more realistic approach to design.

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