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At Patch Staffing, our dedicated team of recruiters specializes in the audio visual (AV) industry. We recognize the unique blend of skills and experience required in this dynamic field. By collaborating closely with your hiring managers, we gather an intimate understanding of your audio visual needs. With our targeted approach, we connect you with professionals who not only have the right skills but also have the vision to be an asset for AV manufacturers and service providers. 

Our process is designed to cater to the distinct aspects of AV staffing – starting with in-depth candidate screening focused on technical and creative competencies, through to personalized interviews, and culminating in a supportive onboarding experience. We maintain open lines of communication with both clients and candidates, ensuring that the entire recruitment process is smooth, transparent, tailored to your specific audio visual needs. 

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AV Recruitment Services, Built Around Your Specific Requirements

Our recruitment services cover the entire spectrum of audio visual positions. From audio visual design engineers to installation technicians, service technicians, AV integrators or AV project managers, our reach in the industry is extensive. Our strength lies in our vast network and talent pool. Although top talent in this sector is in constant demand, we can help you find the most suitable candidates for any AV role you are looking to fill.

Our options range from temporary hires for immediate project needs, contract-to-hire for evaluating talent in real-time, to direct placement for securing specialized AV experts. Our proficiency in AV recruitment ensures that whether you need rapid support for an urgent project or a long-term team member, we have the expertise and resources to help you achieve new business growth.

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Your Dedicated Audio Visual Talent Acquisition Specialist

Trust in our team to find you the ideal AV talent that not only meets your technical requirements but also aligns with your organizational culture and goals.

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38+ Years of Recruitment Experience

With over 38 years of experience, Patch Staffing brings a wealth of knowledge to audio visual recruitment. This background gives us an understanding of how to find AV talent for your organization. Our ability to profile and interview candidates ensures that we identify candidates that fit your unique criteria. Our team of professional recruiters is committed to providing a consultative and detail-oriented approach throughout your recruitment journey.

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Collaborative & Focused Approach

With a focus on technical staffing for the AV sector, we possess an in-depth grasp of the essential skills and qualifications across various AV roles. This enables us to provide customized staffing solutions aligned with your specific requirements.

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Extensive Talent Pool

Our robust network of industry contacts and talent pool of AV professionals allow us to identify the best candidates for any role. This agility in attracting and securing top talent ensures that we can expediently fill your vacancies with the right professionals and help your organization achieve its audio visual integration objectives.

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Performance Guarantee

We back the confidence we have in the caliber of our audio visual candidates with a guarantee for all AV staffing placements. In the rare instance where a candidate does not fulfill your expectations or resigns within their first three months, we will immediately conduct a new search to find a suitable replacement, completely free of charge.

Customized Solutions

By customizing our services to align precisely with your requirements, we streamline the recruitment process. This allows us to quickly identify the most suitable candidates, significantly reducing both the time and expense involved in hiring.

At Patch, we know that every client's AV staffing needs are different.

Whether your need is for a specific AV project or for ongoing needs, our tailored approach optimizes your recruitment process. This results in quicker hiring times, lowered recruitment costs, and better retention rates.

By being highly selective when matching AV talent to positions, we facilitate a reduction in turnover and a notable increase in productivity. This strategic alignment of AV talent looking to make their next career move with opportunities at your organization is a win-win that drives success.

Patch Staffing offers flexible audio visual staffing solutions that empower you to adapt your workforce according to your evolving needs and the fluctuating trends of the audio visual industry. Our customized AV staffing services exemplify the value and cost-effectiveness that a specialized employment agency can bring, as we streamline your recruitment processes and fill your audio visual positions.

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About us

Trusted Experts in Staffing Solutions for 38+ Years

Patch, a division of TPI Companies, brings more than 35 years of experience to the forefront of the staffing industry. Our growth as one of Canada's leading personnel providers is a testament to our commitment to both employers and job seekers across North America. Leveraging our vast network and deep insights into the staffing industry, we deliver customized solutions ranging from temporary assignments to permanent placements, delivering exceptional results for all our clients.

Expert Recruitment Solutions

We take a highly consultative approach, prioritizing a deep understanding of every client's distinct AV needs and challenges. Our team is committed to establishing robust, transparent relationships founded on trust and open communication.

Talent Acquisition with Cutting-Edge Technology

At Patch, our dedication to staying at the forefront of the audio visual recruitment industry is evident in our use of cutting-edge proprietary technology. This allows us to quickly adapt our recruitment processes to the dynamic needs of our clients in the AV sector. Our commitment to outstanding service, coupled with a relentless pursuit of innovation, has cemented our status as a trusted name in audio visual staffing.

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