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Contract Tech Staffing

Looking to 'patch' a short-term staffing hole in your team? Our contract staffing solutions might be the perfect fit for your organization.

Contract staffing offers several benefits for businesses looking for flexible staffing solutions. It allows our clients to fill their short-term needs quickly and efficiently without committing to a long-term hire.

This helps our clients save on overhead expenses like benefits, insurance, and payroll taxes. Additionally, contract staffing provides access to a wider pool of talent with specialized skills that may not be available in-house.

Our contract technical staff are highly skilled professionals who are experts in their field and can provide immediate value to our clients. Moreover, our clients can evaluate potential candidates before making a full-time offer, reducing the risk of a poor fit and making better hiring decisions. With our contract staffing solution, companies can be more agile in their staffing strategy, which is particularly important in today's fast-paced business environment.

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Temporary to Permanent

On certain occasions, the situation may require you to refrain from increasing your permanent staff count, despite having identified a strong candidate for employment.  

Our customized temporary to permanent staffing solution offers several benefits for both employers and job seekers. For employers, this approach allows them to evaluate potential candidates before making a long-term commitment. It provides an opportunity to assess the candidate's performance, cultural fit, and work ethic before making a permanent offer, reducing the risk of a bad hire. This approach also helps companies save time and resources on recruiting efforts by converting a successful temporary worker into a permanent employee.

For job seekers, temporary to permanent staffing solutions offer a flexible way to gain exposure to new industries and roles, while also providing a potential pathway to long-term employment. Candidates can gain valuable experience and showcase their skills and work ethic, potentially leading to a full-time offer. Moreover, temporary to permanent staffing solutions can provide job seekers with a foot in the door to companies that may be difficult to access through traditional job search methods.

Overall, this approach offers a win-win solution for both employers and job seekers.

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Direct Hire

The process of acquiring exceptional talent extends beyond merely publishing job listings. Our industry leading recruiters at Patch can aid you in discovering candidates who possess the requisite qualifications and who also align with your organizational values.

Our direct hire solutions offer several benefits for both employers and job seekers. For employers, this approach allows them to quickly fill a permanent position with a highly qualified candidate. This approach also provides companies with greater control over the hiring process, including the ability to tailor the search to specific requirements and preferences. Direct staffing solutions also offer a more cost-effective approach, as it eliminates the need to pay for temporary or contract staff.

For job seekers, direct hire solutions provide a more streamlined and focused approach to finding permanent employment. Candidates can work with a recruiter to find job opportunities that fit their skills and career goals, without having to compete with other temporary or contract workers. Direct staffing solutions also provide job seekers with the potential for long-term stability and career growth within a company.

Overall, direct staffing solutions offer an efficient and effective approach to permanent staffing needs for both employers and job seekers.

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Scope of Work

With our assistance, you can tap into a vast pool of skilled professionals who can assist you in executing your projects when you are facing a shortage of resources or lack the necessary in-house expertise.

Our team of experts works closely with our clients to gain a deep understanding of their objectives, timelines, and budgets. This enables us to design a customized plan that fits their business model and delivers results.

We have a wealth of experience working on diverse projects and understand the importance of effective communication and project management. Our customized project work approach ensures that we deliver high-quality results that exceed our clients' expectations. Whether it's a short-term or long-term project, we have the expertise and resources to deliver exceptional results.

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