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Are you looking to expand your tech team, but want to make sure they are going to be the right fit for your organization before making a commitment? At Patch Staffing, we are dedicated to finding our clients the best suitable match for their needs. With our “Try Before You Hire” approach, you will able to gage the candidate’s compatibility with your existing team and evaluate their skill set, before committing to bringing them onboard.

Here are a few reasons why our “Try Before You Hire” is the IT staffing solution you are looking for:

Cultural Alignment – You will be able to assess the candidates’ suitability to the corporate environment before making a commitment to bring them on board. Making sure an employee is aligned with your business goals is extremely important and you want to be sure you are bringing a like-minded individual onboard.
Skill Evaluation – This allows you to see first-hand how a potential employee performs in a role and that they have the proper skill set required for the position. This allows you to determine if their previous experience and training measure up to what the role requires.
Cost Saving –By allowing Patch to cover the cost of the candidates first day of work, it gives you all of the reward, but none of the risk! By determining right off thebat if the potential hire is the right fit, you can avoid the cost ofonboarding an employee that may not work out down the road. It allows you totry the hire, before making the financial commitment.

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