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Industry Insights with Kam Bilkhu: Hiring Trends in 2024

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We recently sat down with Kam Bilkhu, the Director of Sales and Operations at Patch Tech Staffing, to ask him what he thinks will be in store for 2024 in terms of staffing in the Canadian IT industry. With over 20 years of experience in staffing solutions and technology, Kam can provide valuable insights into the industry’s future direction as he has a deep understanding of trends, technologies and best practices.

What is the top trend you think we will see in the staffing industry in 2024?

”In 2023, we saw a lot of contract positions in Canada and that was really the theme of hiring in the last twelve months or so. However, that is starting to change and at Patch, we are seeing the shift towards full time positions. Now that the pandemic is over and companies are looking to have full time employees back into the office or in a hybrid situation. There is pressure to deliver projects on time, and having the stability of an FTE is attractive to businesses.”

How does the shift to FTE affect candidates?  

”I really think this shift will benefit not just business but candidates as well. Full time employee status offers more job security and these roles come with benefits and perks. It really is a win-win for everyone to see this move happening within the industry and Canada.”

Are full time employees more economical?

“I think that it is economical to hire on full time staff, instead of constantly looking for contract employees. We take a partnership-based approach to hiring at Patch, and work closely with Program Mangers and Human Resources departments, to make sure we are finding the right candidate that will be there for the long term. We are seeing again and again, that companies want an FTE, as from an economic standpoint, it makes more sense to hire once than it does over and over.”

How do you think this will benefit businesses long term? 

”FTE’s have the opportunity to grow within the organization, taking on leadership roles and possibly even mentoring new employees. They also are able to integrate into the company culture and work with colleagues, which creates a team environment and cohesion with staff. Full time employees provide stability to your business which leads to long term success on projects. From an employee standpoint, they too are also offered a sense of stability and job security which is something a contract employee will not have. I do really think this will be the direction we see in recruitment this year as everyone is looking for a less volatile workforce.”

If you are looking for full time or contract employment, reach out to the team at Patch Tech Staffing today!

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