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Industry Trend: Quality Assurance Testers

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Here at Patch Staffing, we have been noticing that the demand for Quality Assurance Testers is on the rise in the Canadian Tech job market. With many companies turning to AI for Quality Assurance, it is refreshing to see corporations looking for people to physically design, develop and execute tests to measure the performance of software solutions. At Patch, we can be your trusted partner when it comes to providing top notch Quality Assurance testers.

You might be asking why you should choose a partnership with Patch when it comes to hiring Quality Assurance testers? Well, the reason is, we provide you with the top talent when it comes to QA testing and we will ensure your product is bug free when it is ready to go live. Our expert testers are well versed in all stages of testing and will provide the hands-on approach your team needs to get the job done.

Why are QA’s so integral to the tech industry?

Quality Assurance (QA) testers play a critical rom in the IT industry as they are responsible for ensuring not only the quality of software applications, but the reliability of the systems as well.
Test Planning: QA’s build comprehensive testing plans for each project that outline the scope, objectives, and test strategies for each software that is in development.
Case Design: QA’s are responsible for designing testcases for all aspects of the software, including: functionality, usability, performance, security and compatibility. These tests are designed to highlight malfunctions and make sure the software meets requirements.
Performance: The test cases are built by QA’s to measure the software’s performance and to ensure that it behaves as it is supposed to. The performance is tested by both manual and automated testing procedures.
Security Testing: QA testers evaluate a software’s security by identifying areas of weakness and vulnerabilities against cyber threats.
Analyzing Results: Examining test results to determine if the software meets the specified requirements and if it function sat the level it was designed too. These results can help to recommend project improvement and determine if it is ready for the market.

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