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Industry Insights: How to Standout to Recruiters

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Industry Insights: How to Standout to Recruiters

We recently sat down with Kam Bilkhu, the Director of Sales and Operations at Patch Tech Staffing, to ask him what advice he has for job seekers looking to stand out in today’s market. With over 20 years of experience in staffing solutions and technology, Kam can provide valuable insights to candidates that are looking to get into the IT industry and what they can do to become a top contender.

What advice would you offer to IT Professionals looking to stand out in the recruitment process?

“There are a few different approaches that candidates can take to stand out against other contenders for a job. Firstly, having an extensive resume that showcases your achievements is the first way to get noticed. Taking courses, earning certifications and attending seminars are all great ways to expand your knowledge of the industry. Listing these credentials on your resume shows that you are the type of employee that is willing to learn and explore different avenues. Showing that you are eager and a lifelong learner, gives you an advantage from a hiring standpoint.”

Once a candidate has been selected for an interview, what are some ways they can stand out during this process?

“The number one piece of advice that I would give before going into a job interview is to do your research. Never go into an interview without doing your due diligence on the company first. Finding out the name of the hiring manager and becoming familiar with their bio is a great way to ask direct questions about them and the organization. Showing that you have come prepared will show what type of employee you are going to be and will definitely get you on their radar. “

Any final thoughts on ways candidates can do to impress potential employers?

"A job interview is a place for you to show off! Take this opportunity to talk about yourself and highlight why you think you’re the best person for the job. Also, always have questions prepared to ask that will highlight your critical thinking skills and knowledge of the job role."

If you are looking for full time or contract employment, reach out to the team at Patch Tech Staffing today!

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