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Industry Trend: Contract Market

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Contract work in the technology job market is a common and growing trend within Canada. Many organizations are hiring tech professionals on a contract basis for many reasons. Many professionals in the industry find contract work to be a stepping stone to full-time positions as they help build up an attractive resume and experience.

Here are a few reasons why contract work is on the rise and how both employers and candidates can benefit from this style of hiring.

Contract work offers flexibility to both the employer and the employee. For a job seeker it can mean the ability to choose projects they want to work on as well as possibly have the option to work remotely on projects not in their area. For employers, it allows for them to hire per project and being in those with specialized skills for a shorter period of time.
Technology Revolution:
Since technology is constantly changing and evolving, so does the need for hiring for niche roles. Companies often hire contract workers with specific skill sets for short-term projects, rather than hiring full time employees.  This also benefits the candidate with special skill sets as they are often highly sought after and in-demand for different organizations around the world.

Cost Efficiency:
Contract work allows companies to allocate resources more efficiently by hiring contracts for specific projects or tasks. Rather than bringing on someone full-time, organizations are opting to bring people on for a short-term project or assignment. Since they are not bringing a contract employee on full-time, these positions are often offered at a higher rate.

Global Talent Pool:
With many positions being offered remotely these days, it means the companies can source IT specialists from around the world, opening them up to a global market of talent. This beneficial for job seekers as they no longer need to just look for work in one specific area, they can find contracts across Canada, in the US and even internationally. Same goes for employees as they can source talent from around the world for their short-term projects.

Networking Opportunities:
Taking on contract work opportunities helps to build a large network of professional contacts. Fostering a positive working relationship can often lead to future job collaborations and referrals down the road. Following up and checking in with clients and sharing updates on new projects you are working on can also lead to new opportunities in the future.

If you are ready to jump into the contract market, let PatchStaffing help you find the right opportunity that is aligned with your skillset. Contact us today to discuss you exciting new future in the IT industry.

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