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Bringing tech talent and leading businesses in New Brunswick together

We are dedicated to delivering IT recruitment solutions that are adapted to the distinct needs of businesses in New Brunswick.

At Patch Staffing, our seasoned IT recruiters stand out by connecting companies with the best-suited IT professionals.

Our approach is rooted in collaboration with your hiring managers. This enables us to gain a comprehensive understanding of your specific recruitment needs. We then work to identify candidates who bring the right mix of technical prowess and experience that fit your criteria.

We manage every stage of the recruitment process with utmost care – from thorough screening and interviewing to onboarding. Our continuous communication with both our clients and candidates creates a collaborative partnership that makes for the most efficient and effective hiring process possible.

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Technical Recruitment Services for New Brunswick Employers

At Patch, we are recognized for our ability to recruit for a wide range of IT roles. Our expertise covers software and mobile developers, network engineers, project managers, cybersecurity professionals, and more. Thanks to our expansive industry network and rich talent pool, we're equipped to quickly find and engage quality IT candidates that fit your requirements.

This adaptability is what distinguishes us from other employment agencies in Atlantic Canada. We're dedicated to meeting the particular needs and preferences of your human resources department across all our staffing solutions.

We offer a full spectrum of IT staffing services in New Brunswick, including temporary staffing for immediate support, contract-to-hire for gradual integration, and direct placement for lasting hiring solutions. Trust in our IT recruitment team to help you achieve your staffing objectives.

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Creating great matches between tech talent and companies in New Brunswick - Your trusted recruitment specialist.

Customer service and satisfaction is at the core of everything we do. With our dedicated team of IT recruiters, we strive to make your staffing process as seamless and as successful as can be.

Partnership approach
38+ Years of Recruitment Experience

Our extenseive experience positions us to effectively identify and interview candidates, and fill vacancies in your IT teams. Our recruitment experts in New Brunswick are dedicated to delivering exceptional service with an emphasis on integrity and attention to detail.

Partnership approach
Collaborative & Focused Approach

Our approach to staffing revolves around collaboration. By working in tandem with both clients looking for talent and candidates looking for fresh employment opportunities, we ensure a smooth recruitment experience. Our specialization in technical staffing and deep insight into the IT industry allows us to identify the exact skills needed for diverse IT positions and make accurate matches.

Partnership approach
Extensive Talent

Our far-reaching network of industry contacts and talent pools in the IT sector provides us with a competitive advantage in New Brunswick, whether you're in Fredericton, Moncton, Saint John, or elsewhere. This vast network is key for identifying and attracting the best candidates. With it, we can match the perfect individual to any role, thereby enabling you to quickly fill your IT vacancies.

Partnership approach

As New Brunswick's premier IT recruitment agency, we have utmost confidence in the quality of our candidates. We back this with a comprehensive guarantee – if a candidate does not align with your expectations or resigns within the first three months, we will initiate a replacement job search at no extra cost.

Customized Solutions

We provide personalized IT recruitment services tailored to your needs. By swiftly identifying the most suitable candidates, we streamline your hiring process, cutting down on both the time and costs associated with recruitment.

We know that each one of our clients in New Brunswick has unique requirements.

Our commitment to excellence is central to how we conduct IT staffing. We customize our recruitment solutions for each of our clients, catering to various requirements from specific software projects to broader IT concerns, such as cyber and cloud security.

At Patch Staffing, we leverage our understanding of our clients' needs to provide integrated staffing solutions that not only save costs in the long run but also increase efficiency. Our expertise in pinpointing the ideal candidate for each position minimizes turnover and elevates productivity levels within your organization.

We specialize in crafting cost-effective staffing strategies that are tailored to your specific needs to optimize your recruitment processes for peak efficiency and effectiveness. Our emphasis on customization highlights the value we bring as IT recruiters.

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